Finding a therapist can be a daunting task. The act of choosing the therapist that is right for you ought to include much more information than just a name and a phone number off of a list provided to you by an insurance company or referral source. Yet, that is the option given to many who seek what could be one of the most important relationships that they will ever encounter.

There are many therapist referral sites available online that list therapists by location, specialty, and by insurance carrier. That is a good start, but how is a person supposed to find out about their level of experience, personality, and compatibility? Initial contact with a therapist can be made by visiting one of these online sites, finding a therapist's profile, and contacting him or her via e-mail, or telephone. Having a few specific questions in mind before calling or while anticipating a therapist's reply will help you to determine if this therapist is right for you.

The Psychological Society of the Pikes Peak Region lists its members in a directory on this website. These are professionals who tend to stay up to date with the latest occurrences in the field and value professional collaboration, education, and growth. You may contact any one of them by visiting our directory and e-mailing them directly. Listing in this directory is not an endorsement by PSPPR for any particular therapist and PSPPR is not responsible for the actions taken by any therapist listed on this site. Click here to go to directory.